Tuesday, September 11, 2018

A guide to Milk Paint application

Milk Paint, Tea, and Coffee talk, oh yeah!

Just gazing at this particular vintage piece once it arrived at my studio, got me all warm and fuzzy inside.  In my mind, I could picture exactly what it needed to look like.  I was biting at the bit to get this project rolling, but knew I had to wait patiently to dive in until everyone got back from the Labor Day holiday.  

Some of you might not know this, but in the beginning of my painting career,  milk paint was my initial "go to paint" for projects.  Doing this project brought back that passion I have for the simple characteristics that this paint offers.  

When Junkyard Goddess proposed a giveaway to promote her line of wonderful milk paints, I jumped right on it, and said "yes, lets do this, I'm in!"  This product speaks for itself... it's easy to use and produces wonderful results!

One thing I should mention, I don’t drink coffee. I'm a Teatotaler, LOL!!

Here is what I used on the entire project:

  • Junkyard Goddess Milk Paint, Ethereal. 
  • Hemp oil. 
  • Glitter wax. 
  • Vinyl was applied on the mirror.

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