Saturday, August 25, 2018

Show & Tell at Refurbish in the Middle - a beautiful vintage buffet

We love seeing what our creative and talented Refurbish in the Middle friends redesign and transform with chalk paint!  This featured "show & tell" is a vintage buffet piece that was done by Tanya Ingram from Donalsonville Georgia... and it is gorgeous! 

Tanya used Dixie Belle's color Vintage Duck Egg for the body of the buffet.  It's a lovely color of gray with hints of blue and green.  And then she applied copper and patina for the top.  

It was the first time Tanya used the crocodile roller and the patinas.  She expressed everything was easy and she just kept kept playing with the patina until she got the color formation that she liked. 

The buffet holds some sentimental value for Tanya, as it was her grandmother's and it's over 60 years old.  Her upcoming project for this vintage buffet, is to decoupage the drawers. She has never done that either, but saw the Refurbish in the Middle tutorial video and loved it!  She is excited to tackle that next to complete the look (*see completed decoupage pictures at the bottom of this blog post).

We are so proud of you Tanya, you nailed it!  The piece looks fantastic and the top is perfect.  Thank you for sharing with us and enjoy your beautiful new buffet! 

vintage buffet transformation using chalk paint color of Vintage Duck Egg from Dixie Belle

chalk painted front of buffet, handle pulls and top of buffet done in copper patina

textured applied to top of buffet using a crocodile roller and copper with patina

close up picture of the copper and patina handles on the front of the buffet drawer

buffet done in Vintage Duck Egg from Dixie Belle. Handles done in copper and patina handles on the front of the buffet drawers and door.

close up view of the crocodile textured buffet top and copper patina finishes

dining room setting with the newly painted buffet in Vintage Duck Egg color.

aerial view of the buffet top to see the copper and patina accents

dining room accents on top of the newly repainted and finished buffet.

***8/25/18 update to the project with decoupage drawers, such a pretty & sweet added touch!

decoupage napkins on the side of a vintage buffet drawer

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