Sunday, August 5, 2018

Mystical Mantra Bed Frame - Part 1 of 3

This piece has been a joy for me, using Debbie's DIY Golden ticket, it makes this piece pop!  Makes me giddy!  Underneath the image down below, I've included a tutorial video to show the stencil process.  This piece is part of a three part series on youtube.  

Here is what I used on the entire project:

  • I started with DIY paint colors Marquee, Hey Sailor, & Cowgirl Coral.
  • Next, I used Debbie's DIY Golden Ticket on some of the larger medallions, then I used DIY paint colors:  French Millinery, Cowgirl Coral, and Marquee on the smaller medallions.
  • Dry brushed the Golden Ticket all over and for detailing.
  • Then, I used hemp oil clear wax all over.  

collage of 3 pics of headboard in chalk paint process

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YouTube Video:
*if viewing from mobile phone, remember to turn phone horizontal for optimal viewing.

before picture of headboard for chalk paint project

stencil application for headboard project

stencil line up for golden ticket paint application

stencil application of golden ticket paint

medallion stencil application of golden ticket paint

medallion stencil application of golden ticket paint

stencil application with Golden Ticket DIY paint

golden ticket chalk paint application using a stencil

stencil using Golden Ticket DIY paint

headboard of a bed in the final stage using chalk paint and a stencil, shades of pink

two different stenciled shown, using chalk paint and DIY's golden ticket paint

leg of headboard, with chalk paint application

post of headboard with chalk paint applied, and DIY golden ticket highlights

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