Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Lovely Lavender Stick and Ball

I had this table that was so unique, so I really knew I wanted to make that unique character pop.  The stick and ball, arts and craft style, takes on a new dimension with the French Millinery by DIY.

Here is what I used:
  • I lightly sanded the table then washed it off.
  • Two coats of that beautiful DIY's color French Millinery. 
  • Took their wax and mixed in some white paint to tint it. I used a chip brush and just brushed it everywhere. I let it dry overnight and the next day I buffed it up.
  • DB Bronze Patina paint. 
  • I used a roller for the print, I let it dry then I used Patina Guilding Wax with a small brush and filled in some of the print.
  • Once the top dried I gave it several coats of Gator Hide.
  • Also used the Patina Paint on the bars.
  • To finish, I sanded it with a coarse grit sanding block then buffed.

Oh check out the baby globe! I was dropping off stuff at our Habitat for Humanity, there it sat for $4.00. As I was leaving, a gentleman who entered and said "That's a great find!!"
My reply "Yesss!!!"

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stick and ball craftsman table, refurbished, painted with chalk paint


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