Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Madame Desk

This was a cute maple desk. After I scrubbed it down I almost hated to paint it! NOT! I knew the minute I bought it what was about to happen. My hairdresser Angie is the sweetest girl and a few years back she had this wallpaper hung in her salon. It was gorgeous but a few years passed and Angie & her twin sister Amy decided to freshen up their salon. I asked her if she had any left over paper I could have. She did and I took it and stashed it for the perfect piece. Hence the maple desk, the rest is to be history.

I had to mix my own color, I ended up with a lot. I had to keep mixing until I had the perfect match. I will admit I had some help from my paint guru. Finally we found it. So I decided to paint this old mirror hanging around. After everything was dry I put some grunge on it. This is the finished product!!

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