Monday, June 22, 2015

Lilacs, Oh Lilacs!

Lilacs are my favorite!! I have mentioned this from time to time. Growing up in an area where they grow naturally, wild and everywhere! We had a lilac rainbow in our backyard, literally every color of lilacs possible between our yard and Mrs. Beeman's yard. Dark purple, lilac, white, peony pink and soft white! My Daddy would put bouquets on my nightstand and my room always smelled wonderful. I have a picture of lilacs in a vase that was my grandmother's, sitting on a camel back trunk which was my first antique I received when I lived on my own. I commissioned this wonderful artist to paint it in water color. It is one of my favorite things. It's one of those things, regardless of my style I try to fit it in. I made this watercan arrangement to hang on my front door. The only bad thing is they don't smell because they're not real unfortunately. My lilacs can't survive in the South!

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