Sunday, March 1, 2015

Oh Bergère!

Bergère (ber-zhair)

1. a chair of the 18 the century having arms with closed spaces between them and the seat.

Oh, Bergère!

Kudos to MMSMP!! I love this color!

I sort of remembered to do the before pictures. The buffet got a nice even sanding before it's first coat. Anyone interested in this paint check out Homestead House Paint Company online. They are out of Ontario. They have several lines of paint.

I am using Bergère in honor of my first grandson. Oh yeah --- IT'S A BOY!!! After raising four girls, B and I are tickled to enjoy a boy! I'm especially happy for him he always wanted a little boy of his own. I'm a little nervous too because we only ever had girls. What an adventure this will be!

Back to the furniture this is after one coat. I am bonkers over this paint. It will be even more amazing with the second coat. I am hoping there wont' be any excessive chipping, I didn't use a bonding agent. Just didn't want that saturated look for this piece.

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