Friday, March 6, 2015

My new BFF Dixie Belle!

Well I am so excited for this announcement. I am officially a retailer for Dixie Belle Chalk Paint, MADE IN AMERICA!!

I know a lot of things I have posted have been all about MMSMP. I am joining the ranks of chalk painters! I will continue to use milk paint if a certain piece might benefit from it having the aged, chippy look. I know you can get a weathered look with chalk paint and the texture is beautiful but sometimes you need chippy!

Ok, back to the star of today's post. The paint came yesterday, I was so excited I had to get it right out. I have a brand new cabinet that will hold all of it but I will paint it with Dixie Belle. For now it's out, just using my cute little green corner cupboard.

I did the corner shelf last year and it was still here in my corner. Of course once I get everything painted I will post new pictures of the completed piece. Did I mention my most favorite part is MADE IN AMERICA!!!

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