Thursday, February 19, 2015

Wedgewood Rosehedge

These dishes started my obsession with white. These came from my great grandmother and they are what were left from my side of the family. They have made their way to me. My biggest problem is that I have 4 girls which makes it hard to determine who they will succeed to. Any suggestions?!

I like to use these invisible plate hangers. These are wonderful! I hate the old traditional metal ones. You never have to worry about your plates falling off the wall with these babies! They are sturdy and strong and hold the plates securely.

I have pictured my built in hutch and it shows a portion of my ironstone collection but behind some of my pieces I have some more wedgewood tucked in there!

Here is a close up of the plates hanging on the wall above some pretty glass jars I also found. They hang beside these beautiful white platters I found on several different excursions, as a matter of fact, even completely different buying trips!
Some of the other plates I have came from Habitat for Humanity, that place can be a goldmine! People don't know what they have and you can find it for dirt cheap. I use these at my shop and studio.  Everywhere I go there are always a few of my favorite things!

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