Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The foyer...Welcome to our home!

I've always wanted stripes. Big, wide horizontal stripes but have never been a fan of the bold, in your face "HOLY STRIPES!!" We used two shades of grey, one of which with a tad more silver to create these stripes that were welcoming.

As I have mentioned before we live in a very old Victorian. For years we had it full of antiques, wallpaper and Victorian decorations. Well as I also stated I am 48. All of our girls with the exception of Sophie are grown and have their own homes. Things change and evolve and I enjoy updating my home during these times as well. This is exactly how Refurbish in the Middle was born.

 We have embarked on what I feel is the middle of my life. To celebrate this we have changed many things in our life, one being our home. It was previously painted yellow on th exterior and now it's a beautiful lavender(pics coming soon in a different post).

 We love less clutter, minimal effects for maximum impact and fresh, clean light. You will be able to get a more complete idea when the pictures are posted of the whole shebang.

It is made out of embroidery hoop. 2 large ones screwed to form a ball, painted black and I purchased the pendant light fixture from Lowe's. Added an Edison bulb and wired it up where our old chandelier hung. This was so easy cheap.

The dresser by the front door has been in my husband's family for many years so we refinished it and put it there to help us welcome our guests. The mirror behind it was a gift from my girls on one of my birthdays. It's funny how things seem to fall right into place.

The barrel back chair by the chalkboard table was given to me from my mother. I had a slipcover made for it. I can see myself but have found slipcovering to be tedious and unforgiving.

These floral pictures came from the beach house.  They have been in my bedroom previously but now they are in their new spot in the foyer. 

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