Saturday, February 14, 2015

Spreading More Love

Check this out! I purchased some lattice trim, broke out my scroll saw and air gun...and ta-da! I chopped the trim up and took my nail gun and shot right through into my finger. It went straight through luckily on the side, just missing my nail!  TALK ABOUT OUCH!! But enough of that, I didn't let it slow me down...I got right back to work!

I jumped back on the horse and made two. I am putting them on my front and side doors.

I have been saving this ribbon for V-day. I bought it last year and it was 70% off $49.99. You do the math...a real deal! Always go to Dewayne's in Selma...they have the best after holiday sales. I always go to Selma and have a girl's weekend with my friend Kelly. We go shopping, antiquing, and eating. Staying up late and enjoy catching up...I have to say there is nothing like retail therapy!

Here I've pictured the final result of the arrows made for the lattice trim, a few loose measurements and a couple of nails make a beautiful accent that is holiday appropriate.

I also took a few shots of the chalkboard that I jazzed up for Valentine's day...and yes! it's handwritten, practice makes perfect!

I also snapped a shot of these pillow covers that are so appropriate. I got them cute and still sensible way to add some pizazz to the existing pillows on my willow furniture.

I also added a picture of the heart of purple roses I attached to my mailbox to complete the look!

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