Friday, January 16, 2015

Will you be my Valentine?

Here we are beginning a New Year 2015 and a fun holiday is upon us! I have been practicing hand-lettering specifically on the chalkboards I'm making. When I first started I was using a piece of chalk. There is really a tremendous amount of skill and artistry for someone that is able to manipulate a piece of real chalk. I kept doing my research and reading until I discovered Chalk Pens! What a difference it made! It doesn't quite look like an actual piece of chalk but the amount of control you have over the outcome can really show the discipline in your hand lettering. I continue to use a little of both to achieve the look I need.

Thank goodness for Pinterest. It is full of posts with people willing to share knowledge and ideas and teach you how to do new things. I just keep practicing and trying new things to improve my skills. I love making chalkboards, there are so many things you can make into a chalkboard. I giggle to myself thinking about growing up and being younger and it's funny to imagine how I'd react if someone had told me about the evolution of the chalkboard and how it would make a comeback into a hot trend! Ha!