Wednesday, January 21, 2015

2015 is here...

It is hard to believe it is a new year already. Our Thanksgiving hits and the holidays just fly by. I have a taken a few days to reflect and say goodbye to 2014. As your age increases the years see to pass by faster and a lot of wonderful things transpired in 2014.  I am very thankful for those things. I also like to take a moment to reconnect with my husband. We work together and even in our personal time we live our lives focusing on raising our children. Our relationship is often neglected outside of the whole family element. I'm looking forward to streamlining the blog, and organizing my thoughts better.
First and foremost, I intend to stop being so hard on myself. I push myself to attain what I feel is perfection and that just is unachievable. I love this blog and I don't want to set myself up for failure and regret starting it. Everyone has their own style and brand. We all like different things and if someone takes even the smallest piece and uses it then I have accomplished my goals.
One of the things I look forward to to adding to the blog are our "Wandering Wednesdays" where my husband and I travel a little and share local food, crafts and people. The South is so rich with culture and the small towns around us are fading away. I want to share what is left of them to see. I enjoy so much of it, going somewhere new and immersing in their culture and history for the day. B and I are always taking these day trips. We meet wonderful people, visit store's of people that craft and paint furniture or sell junk and find the cutest little restaurants full of charm and hospitality. Naturally, I'd like to include this in my blog. Just like I explained in the post that explains the name of my company  "Refurbish in the Middle" stands for so much more than furniture, paint and crafting. It's restoring parts of our lives, local culture and discovering new pieces of ourselves.

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