Saturday, December 13, 2014

To Compound or Not to Compound, That is the Question...

Well I have been going on and on about a compound saw. I could be unstoppable! I can do things all by myself! I put off jumping into my ram and riding over to Harbor Freight and buy one. I had my coupon sitting here staring me straight in the eye, backed by another coupon for the free items HF graciously gives away! I thought, What's wrong with me? I am going to do it! TODAY!!

Ta-dah!! Now the pressure is on. I have several unfinished projects waiting on this saw!  The answer to my question is: TO COMPOUND!!!

So here it sits in all its glory!!

I couldn't wait to get cutting with this baby! I broke it out as soon as I got back with it. My poor husband had a look on his face that said enough, but he still said it just for emphasis...
"Please don't cut your hand off!"

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