Sunday, December 28, 2014

The wind in the willows

     I secretly laugh to myself about our porch furniture. As I have said we live in a Victorian home that was built in the late 1800s. I used to have iron furniture and period pieces to match the house.  One year the Hubby bought me this willow rocking chair. The man who makes them is one of our customers and he makes them by hand. I was just tickled with it! I wanted a rocker and something that was so unique and believe it or not very comfortable to sit in. Well another Christmas rolled around and another chair showed up with two small tables. Well after that it was too much for inside the house. So now that I have a set I decided to put them on the porch.  Well my collection has grown as you can see. I also collected a coffee table and a small couch (about love seat size).

     So by now you can guess why I giggle, rustic meets Victorian. I happen to love it! I am hoping for 2 more chairs, (stationary chairs) and another table. My porch wraps around one side of my house. We are going to go around actually it fits in quite nice or maybe I am just blind-sided by love!?

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