Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas Down South...

    I came from the north, raised in the mountains. I learned to drive going up and down hills and in four feet of snow, no problem! I don't miss the cold but around the holidays I still miss the White Christmas I was used to. I wish we would get a light dusting of some frosty snow at least on Christmas Day. I have adjusted to no snow but every year Christmas rolls around and I hope! I am lucky for my family and all the gifts and blessing I have received. (No I don't mean presents) I have a wonderful husband, children, health. We have a roof over our heads and most of all I give all the thanks to our Savior. After all, He is the reason for the season.

That said, I try to bring as much of my Christmas traditions and decorations around so I don't waste any time pining for my hallowed White Christmas. I bring in greenery and wreaths to place everywhere around the house, making sure all the stockings are hung by the chimney with care.
  I made an Advent candle myself this year. I can thank Miss Mustard Seed for the idea! Pictured below is how my mine turned out. I bought this ironstone compote for $5.00 at an auction over the summer. I have been keeping it at my studio holding strings and ribbons and small things. I knew this would work perfectly! As always I change my chalkboard table from season to season.

     This year I cut out these ornaments out of luan (a type of wood) and painted them black and silver to decorate the stair rails I also found the black ribbon with white polka dots at Sam's Club. I had the icicle garland for several years. Its made many appearances on my mantels and different spots around the house.

 I bought the little black tree at Hobby Lobby and I had these pretty clear glass ornaments stashed for a while after last year's Christmas sales. I used Elmer's glue and sprinkled them with German Glass Glitter. If you have never used German Glass Glitter you are in for a big surprise. It sparkles and shines and makes you want to leave your plain glitter lonely on the shelf.

    The white fairies shown as a display near my front door I have also had for several years too! They move around year to year. Some years they stay boxed up and then they will reapear another year. Always a different location.
    In my dining room there are several pieces that have been passed down through the family. The cups and saucers with the cranes on them are from my grandmother.

     The ironstone soup tureen was given to me by a very close family friend of my mother's. We consider her family and her memory lives on with this beautiful piece! She gave it to me about seven years ago for my birthday. It had been passed down in her family and what a surprise it was when I opened it!! I will always treasure it.


The Rosehedge Wedgewood (the white plates) as I mentioned before came from my grandma's mom. They are all my treasures.

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