Saturday, November 22, 2014

Grey Is the New Black

 Last summer we decided to update our home. I was tired of the patterned wallpaper that adorned the walls of our late 1800s Victorian home. So, down it came and grey paint went up. The foyer was next and grey stripes went up , the stairs got painted down each tread to look like a rug running down them. Then the dining room was washed with a blue grey. Finally the major changes fell on our master bedroom and Sophie's bedroom. One of the first things we began for her room was this cupboard. After a good mother-daughter brainstorm we concluded her room needed a French flair. My husband saw this sitting beside the road. Someone had a sale and anything that didn't get sold was left for garbage. My wonderful man who knows me put it in his truck and brought it to it's forever home.

I can't believe anyone would throw this away!! At first, I wasn't sure what do to with it so I gave it a quick coat of black spray paint and used it on my front porch. We decided to paint the house so when everything came off our porch our oldest daughter wanted to use it. So off to her house it went! Once they moved to another house, back home it came and now it's here to stay.

I decided to remove some pieces that weren't beneficial considering there had never been a working door for this cute cupboard. I reattached the trim that had long ago fallen off the top of the cupboard. Then filled holes and cracks, added fresh trim and a brand new base color. The color used is Sterling, from Homestead House. After some stripes and getting fitted with some sweet drawer pulls (pictured above) this baby was ready to head home to rest in the beginnings of a Parisian dream room.

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