Sunday, November 16, 2014

For life's little messes...

I have so many bits and pieces in my studio because I rarely throw anything away. We replaced our chandelier in our dining room and I was going to sell it but it broke. Unfortunately it was a metal arm that was not the right kind of metal to weld. I took the entire thing apart right down to every screw, nut & bolt and stashed the pieces in a box for a rainy day. I already knew two things I could make, but I'm saving those for new posts so...STAY TUNED!

As I mentioned we run a deer processing business and have a very rustic, earthy feel to just about everything in the building. I try to do things outdoorsy men like my bubbie and other men find appealing.
I was runnin into Dollar General on my way home with the objective to buy something to hold paper towels on the break tables for our employees.


I found myself thinking what am I doing here trying to spend money on things like this! I raced back to my workshop and uncovered a crate with slices from a tree we cut down. I fished out a tree limb and in only a moment discovered the two would make the most perfection paper towel holding creation! Best part about it was that it was totally FREE.

A lot of the posts I've shared with you so far have highlighted this rustic feel I mentioned which might make it hard to believe that doesn't follow me home. I actually live in a 200+ year old Victorian house that has a totally different style and feel, classic but edgy with hints of color and my creativity sprinkled throughout.

These little gems were also made from wood we reused. We were throwing a very country, rustic wedding for our oldest daughter and her soon to be husband at the time. We cut the tree in different portions and drilled holes to hold the white taper candles. This was a fun project that we did using wood from a tree behind our business! Again free as can be!

Also from the wedding are these adorable little cupcake holders. My hubby and I threw them together to house the cupcakes the kids substituted for a wedding cake. They are complete with slit at the top to hold signage about the flavors below them! We nestled it right up on the bar with a cute little weather vane from the Amish country that we had at the house. It was a rustic affair for sure!

Until next time folks,


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