Thursday, November 13, 2014

Affordable Tools

I thought it was important for me to share some insider knowledge with you. One of the most important factors behind doing the up-cycling and refurbishing is to keep costs affordable. 

Hand crafting is a lot of fun and very rewarding especially when it doesn't cost a fortune. I will not take out a second mortgage on my house to have good tools to build my trade. A few that I use were my husband's but I like to keep my things a little more organized and cleaner. I have been slowly purchasing my own tools.

There is a great chain of stores I'm sure are located here in the south called Harbor Freight. They carry just about anything you could ever need or want. The best thing about Harbor Freight is their effort to provide low cost tools and accessories. If you sign up your email they send out great coupons and there are always a handy dandy 20% off coupon you can use on larger items. As a bonus you also receive 3 coupons that sometimes don't even require a purchase! Just walk in with your coupon and leave with free items!

In the top picture I've shown my chest of tools that has many different tools including screwdrivers, wrenches and pliers. I caught it on sale for a steal at $28.99! The second picture shows it all closed up, nice and neat. The third picture I've shown is the flyer that I receive in the mail and the card with the 20% off coupon. With the fourth and fifth pictures I've shown items that I managed to snag FOR FREE! How exciting when you can show up to store you already love and cash in some coupons for free items with absolutely no purchase?! I recently got this incredibly handy tarp and magnetic strip completely free!! So log on to the website or find out where the closest Harbor Freight and get stocked up!

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