Thursday, October 23, 2014

Workbench & the Beginning

This bench started in a rough form and it has become the foundation of my work.

I'd like to apologize for such a big gap since the initial post, we've been having technical difficulties with the blog that have been resolved. From here you can expect more regular postings, especially since my work volume is increasing. I'm on a mission to chalk/milk paint the world. The little beauty pictured above was rescued from a thrift shop I love to frequent in pretty rough shape. It was desperate for some love and affection, almost crying out for me as I attempted to walk by. I was with my fathers at the time and I believe they heard the pleas of this diamond in the rough. So being the wonderful fathers that they are they purchased it as a gift to me, which has in return become the "benchmark" if you will of my blooming business' success. Refurbishing this workbench ignited a flame and it was such a joy.

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