Thursday, October 30, 2014

Brushes, brushes, brushes!!

I wanted to show you and talk about brushes. When I started milk painting I used just plan old brushes I had around the house. 

 I started doing more painting and endless hours of research to get what I consider the best tools. The reason I have invested so much time because I offer classes. The biggest thing to remember is that you don't have to spend hundreds on brushes, you can start and continue to work with regular brushes...just like any other trade the value you have in your tools is your prerogative. These brushes are from Chalk Pro and I love them! They really hold their value with me because they stand up to lots of use including both the paint and the wax, and if cared for properly they will continue to provide outstanding results.

Milk paint is very easy and very cathartic for anyone to try!! It's not something that requires a tremendous amount of knowledge or supplies and is friendly to beginners. Part of the experience is to learn through ups and downs what kind of finish and distressing you're looking for in your pieces. No one knows what you are looking for more than you, chalk pain offers the perfect solution to that shabby chic look you're craving.

Have fun & Chalk paint the world!!!


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